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Strategy Board Games

Here at Remy’s we have board games for the whole family. For you and your older kids we have classic and new strategy games!

Image result for parcheesi royal edition
Parcheesi is a classic strategy game, dating back to over a hundred years ago!
Image result for carcassonne game
Carcassonne is a modern landscaping classic with knights, thieves, farmers, and monks!
Image result for ticket to ride game
Ticket to Ride is a fun family strategy game of building, and wagering with a $1 Million winner takes all prize!
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Classic $0.99 Toys

Satisfy your childhood toy nostalgia with our favorite penny toys!

Whoopee cushions, pop guns, silly putty, hand buzzers, finger traps, paddle games, bouncy balls, glass marbles… the list goes on!

Image result for house of marbles fart whistle
House of Marbles Fart Whistle
Image result for toysmith cap gun
Toysmith Cap Gun
Image result for house of marbles finger monsters
House of Marbles Finger Monsters
Image result for house of marbles spinning top
House of Marbles Wooden Spinning Top
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Fly a plane, care for zoo animals, be a unicorn princess, drive a race car, or even go on a pirate adventure, all with Playmobil! We have everything from their 1.2.3 line for toddlers to convenient carry cases that make playing on the go a breeze. Playmobil offers a wide range of scenes and characters in their City Action, Family Fun, and Country series. They even have bigger sandbox vehicles for your little one to put together and play with outside!

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Breyer Horses

We are excited to share that we now carry Breyer Horses! Breyer has been making miniature horses since 1950 and we have just added their newest styles to our toy collection! Stop in to find classic, beautifully detailed wild horses and unicorns as well as mother and foal sets, riders, and accessories.

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LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends is a fun and creative line centered around five best friends. Each girl comes from a different background and expresses different interests whether its in art, animals, adventuring, music, or science. This line encourages kids to express themselves individually while still strengthening their building and creative skill set.

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Frisbee Fun

Get outside and have some fun this Summer with our awesome authentic Wham-o Frisbees. We have everything from the Classic Disc, to the weighted Ultimate and the laid back Malibu. Bring the fun to the beach or backyard with Frisbee Slam; a great game for the whole family!

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