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Classic $0.99 Toys

Satisfy your childhood toy nostalgia with our favorite penny toys!

Whoopee cushions, pop guns, silly putty, hand buzzers, finger traps, paddle games, bouncy balls, glass marbles… the list goes on!

Image result for house of marbles fart whistle
House of Marbles Fart Whistle
Image result for toysmith cap gun
Toysmith Cap Gun
Image result for house of marbles finger monsters
House of Marbles Finger Monsters
Image result for house of marbles spinning top
House of Marbles Wooden Spinning Top
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Breyer Horses

We are excited to share that we now carry Breyer Horses! Breyer has been making miniature horses since 1950 and we have just added their newest styles to our toy collection! Stop in to find classic, beautifully detailed wild horses and unicorns as well as mother and foal sets, riders, and accessories.

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Cobble Hill Puzzles

Spend a rainy day the classic way with one of our Cobble Hill puzzles. We have 350-2000 count puzzles, fun for all ages and skill levels. Pictures range from educational diagrams and maps to beautiful scenery and quaint nature settings. We even have floor puzzles for ages 3+! Fun for the whole family.