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Two Bros Bows

Two Bros Bows is a safe and fun way for your kids to get into archery. Designed by two brothers Duncan and Hayden with some help from their mom, they launched their own company. All of their bows and arrows are handmade in the USA. We are excited to carry their creation and think they’re perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any sunny afternoon. As the brothers like to say to all the kids who play with Two Bros Bows “Aim High & Enjoy the Outdoors!”

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National Geographic Animals

Inspire your kids to learn more about their favorite animals with National Geographic toys! We carry their animal “tubes” all filled with a variety of species from a specific region with a fun fact on the outside. And, we also have individual safari animals with their own fun facts as well! These are perfect for creative playtime.

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Lego Storage

If your kid loves to build LEGOs, you probably know that using the old cardboard box to store them after their creations are taken apart can be a pain. As can large tupperware bins that take up too much room in your home. LEGO offers fun, creative, stacking storage for all your LEGO pieces.

Image result for LEGO storage bricks
LEGO storage stacks like actual LEGO bricks!
Image result for LEGO storage face
LEGO storage heads also stack on top of the storage brick drawers.
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Janod Learning Toys

Janod offers an array of different skill level learning toys. All made with water based paint and designed in France. Each toy is designed to help kids learn and create.

The Zigolos Duck Stacker encourages kids to count and learn with vibrant colors and fun characters while they match up the right colors and put the numbers in order.
City Friends Square Stacking Pyramid encourages children to build their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and counting.
This magnetic Fireman SUV lets kids put it together and take it apart. Figuring out which pieces fit, how to make the car move, and how to take it apart again teaches kids fine motor skills and problem solving.
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At-Home Science

We offer a range of at-home science kits for kids of all ages. Get your little ones interested or encourage your older children to pursue their hobby. Learn about volcanoes, crystals, renewable energy, robotics, and more! Support S.T.E.A.M. Powered Kids! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths)

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Image result for kidzlabs science
Image result for robotix kids
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Word games

Gather the family for your favorite word play and word-building games, all found here at Remy’s!

Related image
A fun word game with a 15 character limit! The first to use all their tiles takes the hand and yells “BANANAS”!
Image result for mad gab
Try to guess what your friends are saying with this super silly word play game!
Image result for boggle game board
We carry this classic timed word game in its original, “big”, and JR. editions!
Image result for classic scrabble
We have most editions of Scrabble here including Scrabble JR., Deluxe Scrabble, and even SUPER Deluxe Scrabble.